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DTF by Image Size

Purchasing by size is a cost effective way of purchasing small quanties of each of your prints. Each image uploaded will be printed at the exact size the image is uploaded. If the image uploaded is larger than the dimensions purchased then the image will be reduced proportionatly to the dimensions purchased. Failure to properly size your image may result in a loss of resolution and/or quality. It is important that you size your art approprately before uploading.


  • Acceptable file formats for uploading are .ai .eps .svg .png .pdf.
  • All backgrounds must be transparent. .JPGs will not work.
  • By submitting this artwork you are authorizing to print the art and acknowledge that you have the legal right to print submitted artwork.
  • By uploading your files individually you are authorizing to organize your prints in a cost efficient way for printing.
  • Apparel is not included.

DTF by Image Size

Excluding Sales Tax
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