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Full-Color Direct to Film (DTF)

Direct Film Images


Experience the advantage of our full-color digitally printed Direct to Film process at Utah Shirt Shop. Say goodbye to limitations on the number of colors, even for small quantity orders. Whether you need just one print or a larger batch, our innovative technology allows us to cater to your unique needs. Simply select the size of the image you want printed, upload your design, and let us handle the rest. With our efficient process, we can bring your vision to life with vibrant colors and high-quality results, no matter the quantity. Let us make your printing experience hassle-free and tailored to your exact specifications.



When you choose to use gang sheets for your custom Direct to Film printing at Utah Shirt Shop, you are maximizing cost-effectiveness. Gang sheets allow multiple designs to be printed on a single sheet of film, reducing material waste and saving you money on production costs. This efficient method ensures that you get the most out of your order, making it a smart choice for your budget.


Choosing The Utah Shirt Shop for your custom direct-to-film orders ensures a seamless and high-quality experience. Our commitment to using the most comfortable apparel styles and our durable Digital printing process guarantees a top-notch result. When quality apparel meets quality printing, your project will exceed expectations and turn out perfect. Trust us to bring your designs to life with precision, reliability, and a touch of comfort that sets your custom apparel apart from the rest.

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